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All Basket Line

Bamboo basket

Cane basket
Coco fiber products
Jute basket Braided
Mixed basket

Palm fiber products
Straw Basket
Typha Products

Baskets  shape are likely rectangle, rounded rectangle, trapezoid, diamond, oval, hexagon, and regular pentagonal, can or cylinder type, and cube and heart shape or as per buyer instruction. We allow custom shape and color  

Varieties of Basket 

1. Ball basket, in side glass globe wrapping with thin ply of cane or bamboo lid.

2. Chock let, cake, biscuit basket which hygienic and more natural.

3. Laundry basket.

4. Kitchen basket

5. Snake basket.

6. Fruit basket.

7. Design and hats like basket.

8. Cane flat tray.

9. Umbrella stands.

10. Dining tables basket products.

11. Waste basket products line.

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